Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gate is supported from rails that run along the inside of a fence structure. This is where it gets its name from – “cantilever” means “hangs over” the gate opening. They are suspended across the gate from the counterbalance, with no wheels on the ground.

Cantilever gates provide no ground obstruction, making it a better choice for your ground situation. Generally, no part of a cantilever gate comes in contact with the ground directly, or indirectly with any type of wheels.

Why Cantilever Gates?

A cantilever gate construction allows for overhanging structures without external bracing. A cantilever gate frame constructed properly should be able to withstand forces of gravity and wind. Diagonal bracing and trusses are strategically placed to help the gate from sagging.

With our professionally designed, fabricated, and installed cantilever gate, it will reduce friction when being used and will have longer operational life.


Our sliding gate solutions covers all types of properties, from residential households to commercial premises and industrial areas.


Our professional team will propose you a design for your gate to complement the design and styling of your home accordingly, achieving a hardmonic contrast between the two. 


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