Chain Wire Fencing

Chain wire fencing, also known as chain mesh fencing, chain link fencing or cyclone wire fencing, is robust and very economical for large projects. It is commonly constructed with galvanized or black, PVC coated steel wire and formed with a diamond pattern. 


Chain wire fencing is lightweight and available in a range of sizes. It can be customized by adding the top and bottom rails or barb wire for security enhancements.


Our sliding gate solutions covers all types of properties, from residential households to commercial premises and industrial areas.


Our Chain Mesh Fencing is a flexible and efficient solution for fencing projects. Its versatility and the ability to customize make it a common option. It is guaranteed to provide a solution to your security fencing needs, whether it is used as a divider fence, barrier fence, or even an internal fence.


Chain wire fencing is a common option for properties such as industrial park, Factory and commercial lands. Chain wire fencing is widely used for low-risk barrier fencing.


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