Frameless Glass Fencing

Perpetual Fencing and Gates offers you ranges of choices for glass fences, such as frameless glass fences and semi-frameless glass fences.

We only choose high end quality and strong glass panels for your project and make sure the glass panels can withstand large quantities of pressure.

Why Choose Frameless Glass

Frameless pool fencing exudes a modern, contemporary look, adding a unique appeal to any setting. The aluminium posts are strong and do not degrade, decompose or rust over time, ensuring the aesthetics of the fence will remain intact.

This makes them ideal for swimming pools, as well as for other outdoor entertainment areas. Installation is also simple – the panels can be directly fitted into a concrete or timber deck without any major changes needed to existing surroundings.

Semi-Frameless Glass Fencing

With aluminium posts between the glass panels to ensure minimal obstruction of the view beyond, semi-frameless glass pool fences have become an increasingly popular choice. It also provides a safer option, possessing the strength and durability to handle a large amount of pressure and withstand accidents.


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